IFDA inspires collaboration within the furnishings and design industries to support its people, their products and services.

The Take A Seat Auction for Charity exhibits up-cycled and one-of-a-kind chairs from design talent around the country. Proceeds benefit local charities. This year, several local Chapters are participating during the Spring and Fall seasons.

What Is Take A Seat?

Take A Seat is an ongoing project of the International Furnishings and Design Association (IFDA). It promotes talent within the design community and fulfills our mission to service others. Proceeds from each auction will benefit local charities and continued IFDA chapter development.

How Does Take A Seat Work?

Chairs from the 2014 NY Take A Seat waiting to be auctioned.

Chairs from the 2014 NY Take A Seat waiting to be auctioned.

IFDA members, at home and abroad, work together to put on Take A Seat design exhibitions.

  • In each community, members of the furnishings and design industry creatively re-imagine ordinary chairs, turning them into works of art.
  • We display the chairs for your enjoyment during a free exhibition. Each chapter works with their community to select the location.
  • At the exhibition close, we conduct an auction. The proceeds benefit local charities chosen by each chapter and support chapter professional development.

The chairs are crafted locally by design professionals and students who volunteer their time and their chairs to support a local charity.

How Long Have You Been Doing This?

This is the fifth annual IFDA Take A Seat exhibition. In its first year, 2013, IFDA chapters in New York, San Diego and Osaka, Japan conducted the first ever international simultaneous design exhibition that benefited the Japan Tsunami Relief and Hurricane Sandy Relief.

How Can I Get Involved?

IFDA Take A Seat 2013 Southern California

Chair by Dennis Schlentz for the Southern California Take A Seat exhibition in May 2013.

Take A Seat is bigger than each IFDA chapter.

We welcome your help! We need:

  • Creative design industry professionals and students to up-cycle ordinary chairs into masterpieces
  • Businesses in the design industry to help us cover the costs of putting on the exhibition
  • People with big hearts who love design to attend the exhibitions and purchase the pieces

There’s something for everyone!

How Can I Get Started?

Thanks for wanting to help! From our website, you can:

Media Coverage

Helping Heroes At Home

Since 2013, several local chapters have participated in IFDA Take a Seat™ creating an initiative called Helping Heroes at Home.  

Chapters pledge 70% of the net proceeds from these events to a variety of local charities.  Check the Chapter near you for their charity of choice. 

Through the generosity of event Patrons, IFDA chapters will be able to contribute to important local causes.  We rely on the generous support of our national patrons to fulfill our goal.  

Please support this event to help fund the IFDA initiative called Helping Heroes at Home!

Event Patrons

Each participating Chapter is in need of local Patrons for Take A Seat exhibitions.

Support a great local Charity and show members in your community how important you take your civic duty by giving back. You’ll get great exposure and spreading good will at the same time!

To learn more, see our patron page.